How Often Should You Post On Instagram in 2020?

How Often Should You Post On Instagram in 2020?

Instagram has rapidly transformed into one of the biggest social media platforms in the world. It is recently achieved a significant milestone of more than 1 billion active monthly users. In other words, more than one-seventh of the entire world population uses Instagram every month. To get more targeted followers Instagram users seek the help of different services and techniques. If you use Instagram you may have observed that some accounts are significantly more successful than others. The only difference between them is the quality of content and some other technical aspects. If you cater to these technical aspects, you can significantly alter the reaction you get to your Instagram account. If you’re interested in making your Instagram account more attractive, it is time for you to know about one of these most critical technical aspects. We are talking about the timing of posts. By posting at the right time you can increase the engagement and other similar elements. However, if you have no idea about the right time and what to do, you have come to the perfect place. We will tell you everything there is to know about posting on Instagram in 2020.

Business accounts

Firstly we will say to you when you should post if you have a business account regardless of the nature and the size of your business. There are some highs and lows of posting at certain times. First of all, you must determine the quality of your product if it is a seasonal product; for example, as a clothing brand, you may post at certain times as a preference over others. For example, if you specialize in summer clothing, you must try to post as much quality content as you can during the summer days. Also, if you would promote or boost your post you can get significantly more returns.

Personal accounts

It is also essential for you to know about when to post when you have a personal account. For this, you need to understand how the users of Instagram use Instagram. It can be observed that the usage of Instagram is highest over specific periods. For example, there are some peak hours of Instagram activity each day. You need to post between these hours so you can get as much engagement as possible. Usually the peak times are from 7 in the evening to 11:00 at night. Also, there are some peak days just like the peak times when the engagement is the highest. If you post on Friday, Saturday or Sunday chances are your posts will get more engagement than ever. By following these steps, you can significantly up your Instagram game.


All in all Instagram is no joke. There are various implications of using Instagram. It reflects your personality as an individual or a business. Hence, it is essential to take into considerations how you can enhance your Instagram. By following these little steps, you can significantly augment the quality of your Instagram and make it look more attractive.