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How to Start an Instagram Blog from Scratch

Today, we will be sharing something that can give you a head start when starting an Instagram blog. When it comes to starting any blog, there are things you just can’t skip. Actually, it will be really hard for you to see progress if you want to break these rules.

These guidelines will act as a roadmap for what you will be doing with your Instagram blog. So stay tuned and pick what resonates most with you.

Define the purpose

Narrow down the purpose you want to start this Instagram blog. Is it because you fell in love with this particular niche? Or is it because you want to share what you’ve learned with the world. Or is it because you want to create more brand awareness about your business or a burning issue about your community. Is it because you just want to have fun?

You have to define the purpose of having this blog. This will give you the direction of where you are going and the actions you will take to achieve this purpose. You see, one person who is doing this for business and another for fun will not operate in the same way. They are going to have different objectives and different ways to measure their success.

Select a good username

A username tells the world or your potential audience that: this is what I do. Why is this important? If you are starting out, then it means you don’t have an account. Creating an account means that you ought to publish a name for it. If that’s the case, you have to pick something classy and professional- tell the user immediately who you are and what they are supposed to expect. Add a little piece of bio and a good profile picture.

Tell a story

This is probably hard to do but is important because of one undeniable fact about the Instagram world: they all have pictures. There are hundreds and thousands of Instagram blogs out there. To separate yourself, usage of your own words and witty phrases is the way to go.

Post regularly

Consistency is everything when it comes to becoming better at anything. Instagram is not that special. Remember, people are not familiar with what you are offering. So, you have to keep them on their toes. It is like you are saying, “I’m here.”  When you post at the same time or during particular days during the week, people will get tuned to your habits and be able to predict your next post.

This can help you grow your blog if you are delivering something that people care about and adds value to their lives.

Be active

When you have a running blog on the Instagram world, you need to set aside time and energy and engage with your audience. Look at what other bigger accounts are doing and try to do the same. It’s never about what you are doing. It’s what is current, new, and exciting and what your audience likes. This means you are quite familiar with the analytics of your content.


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