Is Adidas Better Than Nike?

Is Adidas Better Than Nike?

If you have been involved in sports fashion, I am sure you should know about the battle of the two Titans: Adidas and Nike! This battle has started several years ago and we are sure that it going to last for many years too. The reason is simple, every individual has its personal opinion about the matter. Anyways, we can give you some reasons either Adidas or Nike has better shoes on the market!


1) Adidas shoes have a greater history

Of course, Adidas isn’t the eldest brand on the field but no other company has been impacting the world for such a long period of time. The history of the brand in the combine of its products can fill a whole museum.

2) The spirit of the creator

The history of Adidas started from Adi Dassler, a talented young man that dreamed to create the best possible equipment for athletes. Adi achieved to establish his first company back in 1924 and after 25 years, in 1949 the company was renamed to Adidas. As a shoemaker and athlete, Adi was the most suitable person to understand the need for quality and innovative athletic products.

3) 3 Lines- The only Logo that has a unique ability

It’s amazing that the 3 lines have been identified with Adidas. This famous Adidas’ signature hasn’t been added on shoes only for marketing reasons, but also to provide stability and protection to the leg. These 3 famous lines carry their whole own story, amazing right?

4) Adidas has the most loved pieces in its history

Although the competition was real, Adidas created the shoes that have stayed in history. Good examples are Gazelle and Superstar, as you can spot these shoes in any corner of the planet!


1) Nikes is back from the future

Nike completed a great marketing achievement when placed Nike Mag shoes to the famous movie. After the movie, Nike Mag became the most iconic sneaker until today.

2) Nike started with running shoes

Bill Bowerman, the founder of the company (in 1968) focused on creating quality running shoes. As a result the most legendary and loved sneaker was born, also called “Cortez”!

3) The most dynamic logo in the planet

When Carolyn Davidson created “swoosh” for a few bucks, she didn’t imagine that it will become the best logo of all ages. The minimalist style of the logo makes it the most essential logo for all sneakers!

4) Nike has the most the best marketing and the most famous designers

We all know that the marketing department of Nike was always its strong point! But except of this, the brand has also great and talented designers that created special products: Bruce Kilgor created the amazing Air Force 1, Sergio Lozano created the special Air Max 95 and Eric Avar produced the lovely Air Foamposite One. All of these designers added their personal signature to the brand’s history.


It’s very difficult to come to a conclusion as it comes to which company is better. Every brand has its own unique features and historical moments! Both companies provide great shoes and innovative products for every athlete. For any brand fan, have fun with sports!