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Tips and Tricks that will make your First Cruise go Smoothly

You might be a bit nervous because you don’t have first-hand experience. And that’s great. You can have a smoother escapade from your work life. All it takes is for you to do some mental gymnastics and take some mental notes. In that frame of mind, you should consider the following tips and tricks for cruisers who are just starting.

So, let’s dive into the good stuff!

Use Cruise Apps

All cruising companies will be on your tail for your attention, with luxurious photos of happy people. They want you to buy in their proposal on their websites and, for this reason, they apply persuasive techniques from their travel agents. You need to up your game and have access to their cruise apps. Rather than jumping from search engine machines to multiple cruise websites, you will get sufficient information on prices, level of comfortability and expected services from the cabin. This practice alone will wipe all the uncertainty from the mind of a beginner.

Order something

After a long day, you can measure how long it will take the room service to deliver food to you. Knowing the time frame will be great for eliminating guesswork. You can also have time to brainstorm what type of activities you can do as you wait for something delicious. Be sure to note the time of the day, as the intensity of the service unit can vary during the day.

Switch your phone to airplane mode

Cabins have good internet connections, but it is not free. International roam ratings can cost hundreds of dollars even if you do not use the service. It is better to switch your phone to airplane mode if you are not texting or calling anyone. You will be able to save yourself from the surprise of an e-mail with bills you are not aware of. So, save some money.

Pace yourself

You will be receiving brochures every day on the list of activities available. They include sports, arts, comedians and music events. You can’t fit it all in. Prioritize what is the most fun for you. That way, you will not feel overwhelmed to choose.

Keep track of time

Ships can be traveling in different time zones. Make sure you adjust your watch or cellphone to the ship’s time. This will prevent being left on the shore or port during the cruise trip.

Stay on the ship on excursions

Excursions are when people on a cruise ship are allowed to leave and explore a particular city. This kind of stop occurs at a port. You can take time to rest and recharge by ordering a pizza or exploring unfamiliar grounds on the cruise. However, if you are out of energy or do not have any traveling experience with the city or town, you may stay in your cabin and have some relaxation.

Don’t stress on the dressing theme

There are cruise events and parties that will suggest you dress in a particular way. The truth is, they are not a big deal and most of the themes are just black and white. So, if you feel you will want to join one at your first event, just pop a white dress or black suit into your suitcase.

Enjoy yourself

The important thing is to have fun. When you are on vacation, you should not stress where people are or what they are doing on social media. It should be about having loads of me-time and exploring your inner child.


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