What Is Considered Long Term Parking at the Airport?

What Is Considered Long Term Parking at the Airport?

Sydney airport is one of the busiest airports in all of Australia. In terms of the passenger’s movement, it is the busiest one in Australia. It is at a distance of nearly 8 kilometers from the center of the city. The area surrounding Sydney airport is Mascot. The operations of the Sydney airport are owned and operated by the Sydney Airport Group. Due to the high numbers of to and fro movements of domestic as well as international passengers, parking is not simple at Sydney airport. There is a usual overflow in the parking. Hence, if you are looking to visit the Sydney airport, you must know about the details of the different forms of parking there. If you are looking to park your vehicle there for more than 24 hours, the most suitable option for you will be the long-term parking. If you have no clue about what it is and what are the prices, you are in the right place. We bring you this article to tell you about the different aspects here such as the Sydney airport parking rates.

What is long-term parking?

This parking is especially for those who are looking to park their vehicles for more than 24 hours. If you choose to park in any other parking available at the Sydney airport, you may end up paying significantly more in comparison to the long-term parking. The parking rates here are on a daily bases instead of hourly rates.

Rates of long term parking at Sydney airport

P3 parking is at a short distance of only 8 minutes from the domestic terminals. The parking at Sydney Airport is easily accessible, and the daily rates can be used at a discount too. First of all, the drive up parking for a minimum of 15 minutes is free. Parking for 15 to 30 minutes will charge you $8 while parking for 30 to 60 minutes will charge you $17; parking for 1 to 2 hours will cost you $25, and parking for 2 to 3 hours will charge you $33. If you use the parking for 3 to 24 hours, it will cost you $50 along with a $50 for every 24 hours.

The p3 parking is specifically for you if you want to park your vehicle for an extended period at the Sydney Airport precinct. The basic drive-up rate for 24 hours is $50 which is an average expense car parking. Moreover, every type of car can be easily accommodated in the p# parking, such as luxury, sedans, and minivans. One useful tip to remember is that you should book early on for the parking since it can be occupied entirely during peak season, such as holidays. Moreover, if you make your booking first, you can get a discounted rate.



The official rates of parking at the airport in Sydney can be different, depending on several factors such as the period of booking as well as the availability of parking, which is why you must book your space in advance.