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What You Should Never do on a Cruise Ship

There are things you should not overlook when boarding a cruise. If you do them, they will either cause you pain, unwanted stress, or unnecessary bills. Some may look pretty obvious, but the stories often reveal that common sense is not common to everyone.

Ignoring announcements

We are not talking about the fear of missing out. We are talking about when the captain of a ship or event planner is announcing something. This can be an emergency or something you were eagerly waiting to be opened. It is best if you can have a keen ear on what is being said and understand the situation. This can mean having more fun or preventing you and your immediate kin from unnecessary chaos.

Forgetting your power adapter

At times, you will need constant access to your smartphone during your downtime or have some cool photos and videos for splendid memories. If you appreciate such things, you will need to back yourself up with two or more power adapters. On a cruise ship, the power outlets are few and cannot accommodate each person on board. It is just you, your cable, and the power adapter, and you are good to go.

Having sex or too much noise on the balcony

Getting naughty with your partner is great. But keep it to your bed or living room, that’s if you are spicy enough, for private reasons. This is because the balcony blocks are so close to each other that there is no much private activity you can have. You should also have a rapport with your “new” neighbors. Do not blast music in the night or early in the morning. You can save that for the day.

Visit the immediate rooms around you to create a friendly atmosphere and understand the preference of others.

Using elevators instead of stairs

On a cruise ship, you will often find elevators are crowded. This means they are inefficient, and you may opt for taking the stairs. Stairs are convenient and will make you faster to where you want to go.

Carrying your home dryer

A home dryer is a typical item in a ship’s room and does not have to fill your packing back. The only time you will need yours is if it’s a special model. This is because the home dryer of a cabin is not that relatively powerful.

Leaving out your cold wear

It doesn’t matter if it’s summertime, or you are going to the tropics. You should not leave out what you are going to wear when it gets chilly. This kind of situation can be ruthless because you are moving in the sea and may lack a shop to buy a pair of hoodies and something with some long sleeves.

Waiting for inspiration to make a reservation

If you are already on the ship, it will be harder to get the spa or hotel reservations that you wanted. They will be gone, or you will have fewer options. If you can, register for reservations online or by phone. These features are important as they will spice up your vacation. If you are craving for special treatment, then do not wait until a D-day to make the deal happen.

Don’t think that every drinking day is a deal

Hotels, bars and restaurants mean business always. Most of the time, they are making a fuss just to draw attention to themselves so that you can buy some drinks there. Sometimes, you will notice there are price cuts. So, don’t stress if you had no plans to sip some liquor. Remember that it is never about you. It is about making money from your pockets.


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