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10 Cruise Secrets You Should Know About

So, you want to have the best cruise experience? If yes, stick around, and you will have a head start before everyone else.

Seeing a travel agent

There is no place for surprises and disappointments when there are people who make a living by advising how your vacation can be super amazing. The great thing about travel agents is that they operate from other client’s experiences and advise you accordingly. Getting one also means accessing the right ship, right cabin, and signing the best deal in town. This process may cost you a fee, but it is worth it because you will not have to figure out anything about cruising.

In the same vein, you will get to understand the consequences of having certain items like iron, coffee makers, and illegal goods or drugs. If you have these items, then you are subject to a corkage fee, or you may face a worst-case scenario within they can ask you to leave the ship.

Plan accordingly

Cruises operate on a scheduled routine. It will not wait for you when you are late. But it will be safer for you when you arrive 20 to 30 minutes earlier. And that’s a guarantee. If you are using the public transit system, it is recommended to leave your home 2-3 hours before scheduled departure.

Beware of ship time

It is important, at times, to know that you will be crossing different time zones. Depending on your itinerary, occasionally you will need to adjust your cellphone’s or smartphone’s time to the ship’s time. This will make sure you will not miss offboarding or onboarding times on ports.

Knowing nautical terms

You need to know some ship terms before cruising. For example, events occurring at the front part of the ship are known as Forward. At the back of the ship is often known as Aft. If you are facing north, your right side is the starboard side and the left side is the port side.

Use your must-do list as guidance

If you have the privilege of being on the ship when it has few people, use the chance to the maxim. Use your must-to-do list to remember what you have craved for and start with these. You will feel relieved to enjoy the luxuries like go-karts, laser tag or water slides.

Make the most of me-time

This is time for you and you only. It is not time to pick up phone calls from work. Take time to explore the luxuries and unwind yourself from the constant commute and enormous workload you had to go through. You have earned the trip and relax.

Explore your extras

Stay on your toes for offers that can optimize your experience by making it more fun and cheaper. All it takes is a teeny part of research, and you are ahead of the competition, leaving behind most people. These “extras” offer options like upgrading your room, buying a spa voucher, or taking a shore tour with a private vehicle. You can start looking for these opportunities three months before the D-day.

Stay in the know

It is better to have too much information on the cruising trip or cruising crew you are going to deal with. Tune your smartphone to receive tricks and notifications on new deals, spa and shopping vouchers.

Fuel your family fun

Cruises are designed for you to connect with family members more. You will get to understand and communicate better in the future by linking them with different activities. If you have children, do not worry. They are venues specifically for the small superstars. They range from arts to sports – not to mention brand-new friends!

Your balcony isn’t private

It is good to understand that there are loads of other people either on the shore or on the ship. If you want to be a little naughty with your partner, just wait until you get home. It can be a little embarrassing if someone sees you or if you trend on a social platform.


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